Welcome to Rated M Gaming! We are a collective of dedicated, passionate, friendly, and mature gamers who strive to share our love for all things video games. Whether it be through podcasts, writing, artwork, or just straight up playing video games together. This is a home for like minded people with whom we want to share this experience. Rated M (R8DM) is composed of several personalities that span across all walks of life, our communities are international, and no one is not welcome here. We encourage creativity and active thought. Our craft is a two-way street, all of our shows and products are for and informed by the communities they build. If you have something you believe would make a great addition to our team we would love to highlight it, don't hesitate to reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook at the links below!

The only things we have no patience for are trolls who seek to attack, discourage, or antagonize our community members. This is a safe but fun home to gamers of all kinds and we are here to entertain and hopefully educate you all! Game on!

Drew Freeman, Founder