The Hype Train Cometh

That's right folks! We got a new show coming! Hype Train will give you in depth discussions on the games we're most hyped for! Releasing in 3 episode arcs, the games we are most hyped for will be discussed at the three big moments for each title. Announcement, Launch, and Post Launch! So when the next Bioshock is announced, we'll be there. When Half Life 3 finally shows up, we'll be there! And when Red Dead Redemption 2 finally becomes a thing... Krysta will be your guide!

Below is a peak at some of the first episodes we will have in store for you!

We're really excited at the possibilities of this show, so please let us know what you think! Do you have a title you're hyped for? Want to be one of our "experts" on a future episode? Drop us a line at or on Twitter @r8dmgaming!